What's New!
Fresh baked blueberry scones & apple fritters now available in market

Family Owned . Local Products

Our market bakery serves up delicious baked goods, breads, desserts and oven ready home made meals and soups.

Fresh bread,
Buns & Rolls
Butter tarts, Cookies, Cinnamon buns
Brownies & Squares
Pies – 8“ & 10”
Sausage Rolls & Puff Pastries

Homemade Meals:
Oven ready pot pies. [Small & large]
Oven ready home cooking meals. [Small, large and Family]. Special items added seasonally.

Freshly Baked Pies
Kawartha Ice Cream

From Our Family to Yours

We love farming and want to share our love with you! We also love supporting other small businesses. We are blessed enough that we can do both! Our family owned and operated farm has many different experiences to offer.

We pride ourselves in our fields and fresh seasonal produce fresh baking and delicious foods. We showcase other farms and artisans that share the same passion as we do.

Please make yourself welcome and have a look around.

Everyone has a dream, and we are just fortunate enough to be living it….

A family owned and operated business that allows us to do what we love! Purchased in 2006 from Ken and Geri Rounds of Rounds Ranch.

Henri and Michelle began their adventure of growing farm fresh produce and selling local products. Henri being a farmer and previous employee of over 10 years was excited to begin this new journey while Michelle a stay at home mom of 2 little ones at the time was a little intimidated.

Today with the help of their amazing staff and some family members they have grown the business into this wonderful county market that not only offers homemade treats and local products but award-winning catering services as well!

Henri and Michelle plan on continuing to grow the business with out losing the county family feel. True family people they hope to one day pass the business down to their daughters who have already shown interest in the family business. Although anyone who knows them also know they won’t be slowing down anytime soon.